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I was born and raised in Jewbareh, the Jewish Ghetto of Esfahan, Iran.
I studied management and finance before returning to Iran, where I was a partner with an international accounting firm.
In 1979 I was taken hostage by my employees at the same time as the American Embassy compound was overtaken by the Islamic Republic.
I left Iran with my wife and two daughters after the revolution and settled in Los Angeles. I have been socially active both in Iran and the United States.
Ever since I moved to the States, I have followed and kept myself up-to-date on the political developments in Iran. I am in regular contact with the Jewish community leaders inside Iran regarding the fate of nearly forty thousand Jews and other religions and ethnic minorities who live there.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Veiled Romance -- A Persian Tale of Passion and Revolution

“Veiled Romance: A Persian Tale of Passion and Revolution” (ISBN 1456425803) unfolds
as Leila Omid writes her memoirs from an Iranian prison cell. A young and brilliant student, Leila comes from a secretly Jewish family well connected to the Shah’s government. The novel tells the story of this passionate and sensual young woman prior to her imprisonment as she rises to the upper ranks of the fundamentalist regime. She does this to free the hostage she loves: a
charismatic, openly-Jewish, Iranian business executive.
Readers are drawn into a love story in the midst of the revolutionary chaos and hostage crisis of the
American Embassy staff in Tehran. Having been held hostage as an Iranian Jew and partner of an American firm during the revolution, Ebrahimi was also inspired to write “Veiled Romance”
by his own childhood experiences in Iran’s ghettos.
“My book is not an anti-Muslim work,” Ebrahimi explains. “There are approximately a million
Americans of Persian descent who, regardless of their religion, are curious
about the way religious minorities were treated in their homeland.”
“Veiled Romance: A Persian Tale of Passion and Revolution” is available for sale online on CreateSpace.com/3507776.


  1. Veiled Romance is a real page-turner that takes us into the dark and menacing world of the Iranian fundamentalist revolution of the late 1970s. Writing with deep inside knowledge, author Ebrahimi gives us action, danger, and romance against an authentic historical background. Who could ask for more?

    —Elizabeth Frank, Pulitzer Prize winner for Biography for Louise Bogan and author of Cheat and Charmer

    No one knows Iran better than Simon Ebrahimi. And no novel I know captures the fear, excitement, heartbreak, and romantic undercurrents of the last days of Imperial Iran more than Veiled Romance. An irresistible and touching view into a lost world.

    —Bruce Feiler, best-selling author of Walking the Bible and Where God Was Born

    I just finished reading your book and loved it. Bravo, bravo. Great job! khasteh nabaashi. It was not easy putting the book down once you started it. Great suspense and a new approach to Shahrzad's story telling.

    — Homa Sarshar, Published author, award-winning journalist, writer, media personality, and lecturer.

    I just finished reading this fascinating and captivating book. Once you start you cannot put it down. I highly recommend this book for everyone. I congratulate its author Mr. Simon Ebrahimi.

    — Honorable Jimmy Delshad, Mayor of Beverly Hills

  2. I enjoyed reading this book very much and was completely hooked after the first few chapters. The infusion of past and present with present is

    very effective and I simply loved it. I read a lot of the story with moist eyes, feeling sad, heartbroken, and even angry at times, for the loss of our "homeland" that we won't get back in my life time. It wasn't all gloomy though - I was totally entertained. As a woman who lived through the revolution I could easily identify with the issues Leila was facing albeit a factually fictional novel. All in all a very intriguing and interesting read that I recommend to people I know.

    — Sima Oskoui

    I just finished reading Veiled Romance, and although a novel,its description of Jewish life and feel in the Esfahan Ghetto and beyond in themore modern times, as well as Ebrahimi's depiction of the Iranian society justbefore and right after the revolution is masterful and grabbing.

    — Sam Kermanian, former Secretary General of theIranian-American Jewish Federation

    What we should all expect, ask, demand or whatever else it takes from our Facebook friends (and indeed over 400 of Mr. Ebrahimi's own Facebook friends, is not only to buy and enjoy reading this book on the above website, but also to encourage their own friends to do so. This is the least we can do to support someone who has spent years of his time to let us know about the way our previous generations lived in Iran.

    — Tahmineh Shadkhoo

    I just finished Sion Ebrahimi novel, Veiled Romance. You can't expect anything else from a great story teller such as Sion Ebrahimi. I would highly recommend the book and give it 2 thums up.

    — Shohreh Hekmati Nowfar

    I admire your passion, dedication, imagination and most importantly well written book.

    — Dr. Ardeshir Babaknia

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